Thursday, December 30, 2010

Honoring the Dead - the veil is thin this time of year.

It seems the veil between the worlds begins to thin starting in late October. It stays thin right through the Christmas and New Year holidays. This is the time when we honor and miss the presence of our loved ones so much. It is an almost universal longing for connection to the the dead that swells the energy and thins the veil.

If one sits quietly and listens carefully sometimes a feeling of connection can be felt. There may or may not be words. Sometimes it's just a feeling that fills you with so much love that you know your loved one is present. Overwhelming grief builds a wall of separation. Let your guard down, let your grief ease. Let your loved one speak to you. They still exist, just not on earth.

There are signs from loved ones too. Perhaps that feather you found on the seat of your car is a message. A butterfly that floats by just as you are talking about a loved one can also be a sign. Later on if you relay the butterfly story, you may find another butterfly on a card, in a book, or on the Internet that verifies the connection. A common sign is the phone ringing and no one is on the other side. Well, there is someone, but they don't have a caller ID number. Songs that mean something special to you or your loved one are other great connections. Houdini didn't need a medium to contact his mother; she was always with him. He was just too busy listening to others and he missed her signs to him.

How do your loved ones contact you?

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